Edge Capital Partners launches Blue Current Global Dividend Fund


Edge Capital Partners has launched the Blue Current Global Dividend Fund, which will be co-managed by Harry Jones and Dennis Sabo.

The new fund seeks out companies that are growing their dividends, offer an attractive yield and have the potential for long-term capital appreciation.
It is the firm’s first entry into the mutual fund space, providing broader market access to an investment strategy that began in 2008 and has gathered more than USD150 million in separately managed account (SMA) assets.
“We’ve seen a tremendous demand for this strategy from our advisory clients and as the number of assets and accounts continued to grow, launching a mutual fund was a logical next step,” says Dennis Sabo, the fund’s co-portfolio manager and director of research at Edge Capital. “Launching a fund creates process efficiencies for us and provides broader market access to a unique strategy that has gained strong traction through separate accounts.”
“In a low interest rate environment, clients are searching for strategies that are designed to provide income and increasing cash flow. The availability of a mutual fund provides a broader solution for those individuals. This is a case of client circumstances influencing the product decision,” says Paul Izlar of Edge Capital. “We’re excited about the possibilities this creates for our clients and our firm. We are in a strong position to execute on our plan.”
Edge Capital performed significant due diligence in the start-up process to ensure the fund structure and distribution plans best met the needs of the firm and its current and future investors. After considering a number of options, the firm decided to launch the fund through the Ultimus Managers Trust, a series trust platform sponsored by Ultimus Fund Solutions. The series trust structure provides operational efficiencies for Edge Capital while allowing the firm to quickly leverage a deep team of 12 in-house sales professionals to gain strong distribution and sales traction.
“Edge Capital was extremely thorough in the strategy and planning of the fund launch,” says Dave Carson, vice president, director of client strategies at Ultimus. “We worked with them at every step in the process to help them understand all their options and to create a realistic operational plan and distribution approach that would work for them and their investors today and in the future. It’s exciting to partner with a firm that is so committed to their business, their investors and the process. Edge Capital truly has a top-notch team and we look forward to working with them for years to come.”