Newscape launches multi-asset fund


Newscape Capital Group, a London based investment firm, has launched its second UCITS fund - The Newscape Diversified Growth Fund.

Following a genuine multi-asset strategy, the Fund aims to achieve a consistent double-digit return with single-digit volatility over the longer term, and has an annualised benchmark hurdle of 7%.

The Fund utilises the same portfolio construction and risk management processes employed in Newscape's Model Portfolio Service ("MPS") that has been run by the firm for wealth managers and corporate pensions since September 2009. While based on the same target risk concept, the Fund composes a broad universe of single stocks, bonds, currency and hedging instruments over and above the unbundled funds proposition of the MPS.

"The Diversified Growth Fund is a combination of the capabilities we have already deployed as a business, our collective investment experience, and the things we continue to learn each day about markets and the challenges faced by investors,” said Stephen Decani, CEO at Newscape. “The MPS has been successful in the run up to Retail Distribution Review (RDR) because each risk portfolio focuses on very controlled risk management and loss mitigation as opposed to chasing returns. Bringing this process together with strong single stock selection, currency management and dynamic hedging, we hope to create a compelling proposition in a single collective investment that is increasingly attractive at an Institutional level."

The Diversified Growth Fund joins the Newscape Strategic Bond Fund, launched in November 2010, on Newscape's UCITS platform, and further specialist strategies are expected to be added within the coming months.