German Merkel Talks About Euro, Iran Issue in Beijing


Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, arrives Beijing on Thursday morning to kick start her three-day official visit. High on the agenda of the chancellor will be issues regarding the euro crisis and sanctions on Iran, according to media reports.

“To seek for China’s support in the euro debt issue will be one of Merkel’s primary goals,” a commentary published by China’s official Xinhua said, quoting “world public opinion.”

“In addition, the increasingly intense in the Middle East is also regarded as one of topics on the agenda,” said the commentary, titled “Why is Merkel Here?”.

The euro had “made Europe stronger,” the AFP quoted Merkel as reporting, and the European Union had made “big progress” over the past few years.

“Merkel is aiming to boost confidence in Europe—which is battling a sovereign debt criss—and may also seek help from Beijing by calling for more Chinese investment in Europe,” the report said.

Merkel was also reported to say that she had held long discussions with Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao over Iran sactions.

She said the question is how China can use its influence to make Iran understand that the world cannot have another power with nuclear weapons, according to Reuters.

The comments came in response to questions following a speech at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

On Friday, Merkel will travel to the southern city of Guangzhou for a business summit accompanied by Premier Wen Jiabao.