Hubspot Debuts on the NYSE Up 20% on Opening Day of Trading


Social media is the bond that ties businesses and consumers in today’s day and age, and Hubspot is helping companies capitalize on that trend. CEO Brian Halligan tells TheStreet’s Jill Malandrino Hubspot is a software platform that helps businesses transform the way they market. Hubspot is in the “inbound marketing” space, meaning it helps pull people in from Facebook, Google, Linkedin and Twitter to help businesses turn content on their websites to become a magnet for customers. In addition, Hubspot companies helps them track to see what really works and what rates site visitors are converting to customers and where they can grow faster. Halligan says it is a software subscription-based revenue model and there huge opportunities for growth in international and there is a brand new product line for businesses to change the way they sell to fit the trends of consumer spending habits. As a student at MIT, Halligan’s goal was to bring a company public and ring the bell on the NYSE trading floor, and he has done it. Proceeds from the offering will go to investments in growth and international initatives.