Traditional Asset Managers


Performance is table stakes. Distribution is paramount. Yet, many traditional asset managers have limited resources, constrained marketing budgets and precious little time to get in front of all potential institutional investors.  Few firms have the resources available that mega-firms have to reach consultants, investors, CIOs, multi-managers, endowments, foundations, etc. In addition, there are many firms competing for the same allocations with similar strategies across the globe. How do you know how you compare? Where should you invest resources to optimize results?  How do you ensure that you are in the race? What criteria are investors using when screening allocation options?

Meeting the Challenge
349-C50-853eVestment provides an efficient marketing channel for asset managers — a web-based shop window optimized for the institutional investor community — available to asset managers of all sizes. In addition, eVestment offers access to competitive intelligence to help managers effectively represent their firm, process and results as contrasted against peers in order to build the best marketing message. In fact, in a recent survey, 67% of traditional managers agreed eVestment allows them to evaluate products the same way as allocators. And when launching a new product or assessing the success of an existing product, our tools can help you assess market share, gauge consultant/investor interest and understand if sales and marketing efforts are paying off.