Multi-Managers & Fund of Funds


Because Multi-Managers and Fund of Funds acts as both investor and fund manager, they need not only superior investment analytics but also effective marketing and communications tools to attract and retain assets under management. Allocators require tools to better access and manage diverse databases of information, build and simulate portfolios, thoroughly analyze a broad array of risk/reward criteria against benchmarks and seamlessly communicate with sub-fund managers and associates. Fund managers need to clearly communicate the factors that distinguish their funds from others as well as provide superior client service and reporting.

Meeting the Challenge
106-82B-A32For your allocator role, eVestment provides the ability to screen on over 2,800 fields across +30,000 active vehicles so you can perform inclusive screens while still narrowing your selections based on specific criteria. We offer dynamic and accessible analytical tools to evaluate details on long/short exposure/attribution and model the impact of adding or removing a manager on portfolio risk and returns. In addition, you can manage liquidity in a transparent way – never missing redemptions.

In fact, 72% of surveyed fund of fund clients believe that eVestment tools have a significant or greater impact on the success of their funds, while 65% agree that eVestment provides best-in-class data and industry-standard tools that help them perform their job with excellence.

For your capital-raising role, eVestment can help you more clearly define your strategy relative to the competition – with the reporting and presentations to back up your pitch. You can inform your investing strategy with accurate information on institutional asset flows globally, as well as investor behavior information. And, by marketing your fund broadly across consultant and third-party databases, you gain maximum visibility.