expands UK operations

2014-10-11, the first secondary market trading platform in Israel, is expanding its activities in the UK.

The platform, which was launched a few months ago, is offering private and institutional investment managers in the UK the opportunity to establish in-house VCs which invest in the secondary market in Israel, focusing on growing private Israeli hi-tech companies.
The company is negotiating with a number of UK-based entities in order to establish its extension in London.
The hi-tech industry in Israel is one of the major hubs of technological innovation in the world. The number of hi-tech companies has leapt 63 per cent from 2010 to 2014, totalling about 5,900 companies nationwide, many of which are start-up companies.
London was chosen along with Berlin as one of the first two centres to which is expanding outside of Israel.
For the first time in the UK, is inviting investment managers that manage over USD2 million to join the “broker-dealer” programme, which enables the creation of a long term profit centre in the secondary market, and the establishment of in-house VCs for investment in securities held by hi-tech entrepreneurs and hi-tech employees in Israel. The programme is designed for investment managers and financial consultants, family offices, private banking entities, large and small investment houses, pension consultants and insurance agents. will enable UK-based investment managers who meet the criteria to offer their clients a direct approach to long term investments in a diverse portfolio of growing private Israeli technology companies and private securities offered by entrepreneurs, employees and former employees in the hi-tech industry.
The firm is also launching the “barometer” programme for UK institutional entities interested in investing in a wide variety of private hi-tech companies in the secondary market, with a focus on Israeli companies. The arena allows UK institutional entities access to investment in low entry level amounts, in order to create an internal “barometer” for the portfolio companies selected for the investment by the investment managers of the institutional entities. In this manner, the institutional entities will create an indicator for identifying potentially greater and more significant future investments, with an informed risk management.
Oren Harel, chairman of, says: “The hi-tech industry is flourishing in Israel, and it has sprouted thousands of start-up companies, many of which are issued or sold to corporations. This industry has yielded countless breakthrough technologies – from the disk-on-key, through Intel processors, and up to the firewall. Therefore, private Israeli high-tech companies are an extraordinary investment opportunity for UK investors.”