Four Years of Trading History


I’ve now been trading the methods outlined on this website for over 4 years (since May 2008) and have recently been reviewing my trading performance.  It’s not bad!

As I’ve outlined many times, I compare the performance from the Hampton Active directional Fund No. 1, and its precursor the Sycamore Fund, against two benchmarks: one purely equity based benchmark across two markets with no impacts for exchange rate movements (50% ASX200, 50% Nasdaq), and the second benchmark being Hedge fund Research’s ‘Quantitative Directional Index’.

Performance for the full year to May 31 across the funds and benchmarks is:









For those who have read some of this older posting on this site, they will realize that the above figures are presented with one very large caveat.  In June 2010 my main broker (Sonray) went into liquidation, resulting in a very large loss (still in the courts say the exact amount of the loss remains unknown).  Hence I report these as Fund Manager or Trading results.